MMV | Multi Mission Vehicle

Armored Multi Mission Vehicle 4 x 4 for various missions

LTV M 4×4

Light Tactical Vehicle Military

Light Multipurpose tactical vehicle family  with low profile for heavy off- and on-road conditions. GVW up to 5,3 ton

MTV 4 x 4

Medium Tactical Vehicle

Medium truck family, available for various bodies and options, GVW up to 14 ton

HTV 4×4 | 6×6 | 8×8

Heavy Tactical Vehicle

Heavy truck family, fittable with various bodies, GVW up to 43 ton, super single tyres, STIS


Armored Vehicles for Homeland Security Missons

MMV 4×4 – Homeland

Armored Multi Mission Vehicle

High mobility armored vehicle for all terrains and missions, GVW up to 6,5 ton, Top speed 130 km/h, 300HP

AWC – Homeland

Armored Water Cannon

Armored vehicle for homeland security missions, GVW up to 36 ton, Water capacity up to 14.000 l

SSV – Homeland

Armored Special Security Vehicle

Armored vehicle for homeland security missions, GVW up to 19 ton, sitting capacity up to 16 persons

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